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Business and Economics

China Finance and Economic Review


Journal of Systems Science and Information

Noise Mapping

Open Economics

Open Management

Open Statistics



Chemistry Teacher International


Green Processing And Synthesis

Heterocyclic Communications

Main Group Metal Chemistry


Open Chemistry


Reviews in Analytical Chemistry

Reviews on Advanced Materials Science

Turkish Journal of Biochemistry


Computer Sciences

Journal of Integrative Bioformatics

Journal of Intelligent Systems

Open Computer Science


Cultural Studies

Interacción sino-iberoamericana/Sino-Ibero American Interaction

Journal of Cultural Interaction in East Asia

Open Cultural Studies

Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Germanistik

Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft

Online Media and Global Communication



Curved and Layered Structures

Electrochemical Energy Technology

Energy Harvesting and Systems

Journal of The Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Noise Mapping

Nonlinear Engineering: Modeling and Application

Open Engineering

Paladyn, Journal of Behavioral Robotics



Journal of Geodetic Science

Open Geosciences



Analysis of Current Trends in Antisemitism - ACTA

Comparative Southeast European Studies

Eastern European Holocaust Studies

Open Archaeology

Open Military Studies

Public History Weekly


Library and Information Science, Book Studies

Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis

Open Information Science


Life Sciences


Animal Migration

Biomolecular Concepts

Open Agriculture

Open Life Sciences

Open Veterinary Science



Linguistics and Semiotics

Chinese Journal of Slavic Studies

Journal of Language Relationship

Journal of World Languages

Open Linguistics

Pragmática Sociocultural / Sociocultural Pragmatics

Zeitschrift für Rezensionen zur germanistischen Sprachwissenschaft

Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft


Materials Sciences

Applied Rheology


Energy Harvesting and Systems

High Temperature Materials and Processes

Journal of The Mechanical Behavior of Materials


Nanotechnology Reviews



Advanced Nonlinear Studies

Advances in Nonlinear Analysis

Analysis and Geometry in Metric Spaces

Complex Manifolds

Computational and Mathematical Biophysics

Concrete Operators

Demonstratio Mathematica

Dependence Modeling

Geometric Flows

Journal of Casual Inference

Journal of Intelligent Systems

Journal of Mathematical Cryptology

Journal of Systems Science and Information



Advances in Laboratory Medicine

Asian Journal of Medical Humanities

Case Reports in Perinatal Medicine

Cell Pathology

Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering

Innovative Surgical Sciences

Journal of Laboratory Medicine

NeuroImmune Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Open Health

Open Medicine

Pleura and Peritoneum

Translational Neuroscience



Pharmaceutical Technology in Hospital Pharmacy


Journal of Social Ontology


Open Philosophy



Applied Rheology

Computational and Mathematical Biophysics


Noise Mapping

Open Astronomy

Open Physics

Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures


Social Sciences

Open Anthropological Research

Open Education Studies

Open Political Science

Open Psychology

Nonprofit Policy Forum


Theology and Religion

Analysis of Current Trends in Antisemitism – ACTA

Open Theology

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